Friday, March 19, 2010

Compulsory Inclusionism Defined

Compulsory Inclusionism was created on July 2, 1964, when President Johnson signed into law the Civil Rights Act. This Civil Rights Act was followed by two more "compulsory iclusionism" Acts of Congress (Voting Rights Act of 1965 and Fair Housing Act 1968), which served to solidify the complete across-the-board integration rights of all the MODG (Males Outside the Dominant Group) into the political and economic arenas of America's Dominant Male Group (White Christian males).

Compulsory Inclusionism is basically defined as follows:It is a theoretical political and economic system, (essentially an experiment in human nature) requiring legislative fiat to allow Impingers (MODG and females) integration rights into an existing society's Dominant Male Group - whose societal structure is based on Occupational Ranking. Compulsory Inclusionism rejects the existence of true-status (which asserts that only members of the same male group may possess status within a male group structure).

The three Compulsory Inclusionism laws mentioned above (Civil Rights Act 1964, Voting Rights Act 1965 and Fair Housing Act 1968) each had distinct integration objectives with respect to American DMG societal structure, which were as follows:

1) Civil Rights Act - 1964
The main objective of this piece of legislation is aimed at economic inclusionism. This is to be accomplished by compelling the American DMG (white Christian males)to integrate their economic arena - that is, their occupational titles/status symbols, with the MODG (Males Outside the Dominant Group). It is also aimed at ending the American males’ preference for racial segregation in most parts of the country related to public accommodations (e.g. community swimming pools, libraries). Note: In the late 1960s we begin to see females, both Negro females and Euro females, also beginning to assert their new “right“ to integrate into the DMG titles using the wording of this Civil Rights Act.

2) Voting Rights Act - 1965

The main objective of this legislation is to force the American DMG to allow the MODG to participate - essentially to elect its own people - in the DMG's political arenas, locally, statewide and nationally. It also, concomitantly, allows for greater numeric representation of the MODG into American political titles.

3) Fair Housing Act - 1968

The main purpose of this legislation is to force the Americans to allow the MODG to live in and roam freely in their residential communities.

For Potential Problems in launching Compulsory Inclusionism, I have included this addendum :


Anonymous said...

I thought civil rights was to provide equal rights and equal access for everybody - rather than having just White males control 100% of the "political and economic arenas". What wrong with everyone having equal access?

Anonymous said...

It was founded by a white people. Can I ask you something? Do blacks have there own native country? Yes, Do any whites have a country to call there own where it isnt being flooded by massive amount of foreign races. Let us have our own country. Additionally, the civil rights movement, just gave blacks special privileges due to their lack of competency. What has that done to help them folk? Nothing as a whole, in regards to the successful black people. They earn twice as much than the same educated white. Give jobs away to less qualified people of color. Now that is freedom.
If your still believing that multiculturalism is a good thing. please, look around the world at the different civilizations, and tell me who has it the best? white countries, because thats how our people do things. and no, I don't want a mass genocide of blacks or any people of color, nor do I think I'm superior. I just want my people to have a place call home, shielded from other cultures and races ultimate decay of our society. By 2050, the world is predicted to have only 10% of whites. If we use an analogy of an extremely endangered sub species of animals. I.E Black Rhino, People would want to preserve that sub species for its unique traits, and beauty that the other sub species of rhinos don't posses. Why is it wrong to want to preserve a dying sub species.