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Restless Culture Defined


"Occupational Ranking is an innate-culture of the male group (excluding females) that allows the male group to achieve the necessary grouping and organizational behavior conducive to the production of "wealth." Wealth is basically the production of marketable material items. The better the male group is at stratifying itself under occupational titles, the more marketable wealth they will - theoretically - be capable of creating."

Male groups with a [innate] Restless culture will adapt to and/or create an Occupational Ranking social stratification system. The following racial groups, as of 1964, established an Occupational Ranking social stratification system:

--Males of European descent
--Males of Japanese descent

Though race does not have any bearing on intelligence (at least I don't believe it), nor does it make a group superior or inferior to that of another racial racial group, with respect to the establishment of a social stratification system, however, it does stand to reason that all peoples of the same racial group should exhibit as distinct peoples ... the same resistance level to an Occupational Ranking system i.e. the capacity to create or not create this type of social stratification system.

Example I: If one Caucasian male group (German for example) can create a social stratification system based on Occupational Ranking then, it stands to reason, ALL people of this racial group should also be able to create a system of similar structure.

Example II: If an African male group (Ibo tribe for example) has shown complete resistance to creating an Occupational Ranking system to stratify their male group, then it stands to reason that ALL people of their racial group would also show a similar level of resistance.

* The primary determinate as to whether a racial group can adapt to an Occupational Ranking system is the innate culture of the male group as a whole, which manifests among the group members when a social stratification system is structured. Additionally, there does seem to be a demonstrable amount of empirical data (e.g. the entire history of the black race in America; the American Indian tribes) that more than suggest the following to be true: No amount of time, money or education can move a male group from an Arrested culture to a Restless culture. The question is, which male groups' innate culture will not allow for an Occupational Ranking social stratification system?

I have created two arguments to help explain why male groups, when exposed to an Occupational Ranking culture did not adopt the system for their own stratification system (like the Japanese). You can choose which argument best suits your temperament. >> CLICK HERE

Regardless which argument you accept, the fact still remains that the countries listed at this link - CLICK HERE - did not create an Occupational Ranking system when they were exposed to the Restless culture.

Occupation Ranking Social Stratification System

I want to emphasize ... that my theoretical outline here on creating Occupational ranking societies only concerns pre 1964. I am not going to try to make sense out of Western governments' massive monetary intervention into the third world societies i.e. trying to force them to create Occupational Ranking structures. This effort began in earnest in the early 1960s ... and continues to this day.

For a DMG (pre 1964) to successfully stratify their male group by occupational titles and be capable of achieving long-term stability in the political and economic arenas, four cultural attributes seem to be crucial:

1) Since all of recorded human history suggests that societies exist to provide a ranking system for the males within the DMG, the members of the DMG must accept occupational titles as true-ranking symbols. In other words, the occupational titles must accurately reflect male status among his male group members and, concomitantly, members of his male group must accept the status being conveyed through the title.

2) Enough males of the DMG must be willing to abide by written laws. The written laws must be treated by enough of the males of the DMG, and particularly those in their prime years, as boundaries for allowed behavior, rather than treated as mere suggestions.

3) Currency must exist to facilitate the exchange of products and services within the society. The distribution of the currency within the society must also accurately reflect upon the status individual males achieve within their DMG - achieved with the remuneration received through the occupational title. It need also be said that the currency produced within an Occupational Ranking system would - theoretically - be inextricably tied to the structural integrity of the DMG. In other words, since the MODG (Males Outside the Dominant Group) do not possess true-status within the societal structure of the DMG, they would - theoretically - compromise the ranking system of the DMG if allowed to possess status symbols (occupational titles) in any significant numbers within the DMG environment. In an Occupational Ranking system, the currency is part of the status environment, therefore, if the status environment is compromised - by the MODG - then it logically follows that the currency must also become compromised (lose its value).

4) The vast majority of the males will favor living in urban settings. Living in urban settings would also necessitate the creating of occupational titles - the means by which to distribute the resources (i.e. the currency/coins).

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